HBO Now is another version of HBO Go but it doesn’t require US cable subscription as Xfinity, etc. All you need is internet and monthly payment.

What devices can I use to watch HBO Now?

– PC, browser
– iOS such as iPad, iphone via HBO Now app
– Apple TV

How do I sign up for HBO Now?

– You can sign up via iPhone/iPad or apple tv. Please note you must signed in with US itune account before sign up for HBO now

How can I pay for HBO Now?

– You will need to add US credit card to your US itune account to pay.
– If you don’t have it. Buy US iTune gift card from somebody (You can google it, there are plenty of seller) and redeem it.

How can I watch HBO Now Outside USA?

As you can see, HBO Now is available only in US. To bypass this, you need Trickbyte account and set up Trickbyte dns on your device.