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For every user you refer, who becomes a paying user in 30 days. You will earn a percentage of user payment with us

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Our Service is Great For ...

Referring friends and family. Know someone who wants to use our service? Give them your referral link and make money when they order.

Affiliate marketers. Drive traffic to our website from advertising campaigns and get paid easily

Website owners. Make use of our banners and marketing material and start converting your traffic into sales.

Current Commission Rates

  • 1 month gives you 100% commission
  • 6 month gives you 25% commission
  • 12 month gives you 20% commission

What So Special with our Tracking System

We know we are in the service with user always have to clear browser cache before using our service. That means if user has cleared browser cache, your referal will be gone.

That’s why we create 30-day referal locking system

– No matter user clear browser cache or cookie. You still earn commission.

– Even user sign up on another machine. You still earn commission.

– No ones can steal your referal, even user click on other affiliate link afterwards. You still earn commission.

How to Sign Up For Trickbyte Affiliate Program

1. Register your account, Click here You don’t have to have active service with us. If you are existing customer, please skip this step.

2. Click on Affiliates menu

3. Activate affiliate system to get your affiliate link.


1. Affiliater must have paypal account for receiving commission

2. Minimum payout is $30

3. Affiliater allows to request payment only once per month.

4. You may not use your affiliate link to order Subscriptions for yourself.

5. You are not allowed to bid on any online advertising system (such as Google Adwords) for the following keywords and any variation or misspelling: TB, trickbyte,

6. You are not allowed to use our trademark in top domain name, such as or but you can do it with or

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