From our successful VPN service reviews on Global Stealth Inc network services, there are so many visitors e-mailing us about what the best VPN is to watch Netflix, BBC and any streaming TV. They have encountered the common problems of VPN, which include:

  • Lag & slow speed
  • Unable to use VPN with streaming boxes such as Roku, WD TV, PS3, etc
  • If they want to use it they have to FLASH their router. This is difficult technically and might possibly break the router.
  • Forget to switch VPN on/off for viewing normal websites.


It is obvious VPN has bottleneck issues, but don’t blame VPN. It isn’t built for streaming, it’s built for security.

People use it the wrong way all the time.
We investigated their problem and found out Smart DNS is the way to go.

That’s Where TrickByte comes in

  • Full speed with no bottleneck.
  • Use it on your streaming devices without flashing any router.
  • No technical experience required
  • No need to turn it on/off for normal websites

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